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Re: I Love Amazons - An On-Going Journey!

The Weight of a Parrot is one of the few tools that Owners have to monitor the health of their Parrots!

Understanding that most Parrots are only weighted when they show-up at their Vet's office sick. Any time weight is taken more often provides ever greater insight. Most well meaning owners that are taking their Parrots in on a yearly bases are miles ahead of the 'Show Up When Sick' group!

When the Parrot's Owner takes a monthly weight reading, they have twelve times the data than the yearly visit that takes into account the effects of the Seasons of the year. When that weight is than taken Weekly. The observation becomes more like a spot light to pick-up smaller variation. Now, when one enters the daily taking of your Parrots Weight, we now have a pen light view of very small variations in the Well Being of our Parrots.

Remember that Parrots are great a hiding illness and monitoring their weight provides a daily view of their well-being!

NOTE: The process of obtaining your Parrots Weights can also 'Drive You Nuts!' You Must obtain your Parrot's Weight during the same general time everyday. Any variation in 'general' time will shift the weight of your Parrot.
Goal: Parrot Weight is only taking in the Morning! And, only after your Parrot has taken its Morning Movement! And, before your Parrot has its first meal! I.E.: Your Parrot is Empty!

Monitor your Parrots Weight by writing it down: Date, Time & Weight! This will allow you to see trends and effects of the Seasons, Diet, Hormonal Season, etc...

Once per Month: Very healthy younger Parrot
Once per Week: Older Parrots
Once Daily: Older Parrots and any Parrot what has or had any medical problems

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