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Re: The life and times of Nigel the Great

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Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
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After a secret arranged meeting with the RB and his friends, Nigel is having trouble coping with the media.

Easy to Answer: I'm sorry, but I must be going! Please refer any questions to my Amazon Attorney, she will be happy to address your questions! Sorry, I have to be going now!!!!
And, as Nigel quickly exits stage left. An older Parrot Report saw Prasila rocking her way toward the microphone, he back-steps away from the front as much younger Parrot Reports quickly fill in his normal spot. At the same time, another seasoned Parrot Report does the same and as before, the younger Parrot Reports quickly fill that opening. The two greys bump into each other near the back and turn to see each other. And, with a thin smile, one states; so you saw that Yellow Nape Prasila too huh? Yup, you likely heard she's been in Night Parrot Court for the pass four weeks after Parrot Judge MAC lost the bet to her. Yaaa, I hear his wife is none to pleased about that out come, cost him plenty as I heard it!

At that moment both of the older Parrot Reporter's pushed their younger Camera Parrots forward saying, we're going to want to get Tape of this!!!! With a shocked expression, they pushed into position and turned on their lights.

At that moment, Prasila arrived at the mic. In the back of the room, one of the older Parrot Reporters looked at his long time friend and said: She looks tied and a bit ratty at the tail feathers - I'm guessing she pushed near or in a Hormonal rage. Yaaa, lucky for us those younger ones don't see it. Yup was the response of his friend as he passed a lenses clearer to his Camera Parrot and stated, you're going to need this!

Prasila had started by opening with: Earlier this evening, my Client was meeting with certain 'Agency Members' when a small group of Parrots broke into their meeting room -- at this point a young Ringneck broke-in cutting Prasila off mid-sentence! One of the older Reports pushed his Camera Parrot saying you got Prasila's face right! The Camera Parrot said Yup, I got her.

A moment later, Prasila's eyes were flashing orange as her head feather's raised and she came up taller by straightening her legs. As she looked the young Ringtail in her little eyes, Prasila said: Do you want to come up here a take over for me or are you -- the young Ringtail cut her off mid-sentence again! The Camera Parrots had been working hard to keep this all framed and saw it coming and opened to full frame a moment before the young Ringtail disappeared in a flash of deep forest green.

As fast as it happened, Prasila was back behind the mic and was asking if any other Parrot Reporters had any other questions. There wasn't a peek heard, but a moment later, both of the Senior Parrot Reports had moved several steps forward and both saying her name Prasila, Prasila. She turned slow and saw them and stated, Yes? The Senior Reports said; Would you be so kind as to continue 'Your Statement?' With a much relaxed stance, she continued.

Headlines the following day: Young Reporters Rush Attorney Prasila! Only one was Hospitalized with minor injuries! Buried deep on page 15 was a tiny little report about a meeting that Lord Nigel had attended last evening with several Government Friends.
As the dust settled in Nigel's office, Nigel flanked by his henchmen the bare eyed cockatoos Ah and Choo, called his undercover operators headed by the African Crows, to make sure any reporters digging further into the matter would be dealt with swiftly and severely. "Let them swim with the fishes."

No more than a minute passed before news came of Judge MACs clipping disaster causing him to fall into the river after a failed attempt at flying off the highest point of the bridge.

A smile crossed Nigel's beak as he whispered, "Tragic, isn't it?"
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