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Re: male ringneck

Well I was about to say there is a rescue in Belle Fourche SD but a quick Google told me they are closed I've never seen a single Ringneck in South Dakota. The only parrot breeder I know of in the whole state is Mt. Rushmore Parrots, and they don't have Ringnecks but they might know who does.

There are "Parrot Place" franchise owners in both ND and MN, or at least there were 5 years ago when I looked at joining them. They are basically professional hand feeders who buy birds as babies and often they can get their hands on a wide variety of species, however honestly I wouldn't buy a Ringneck from anyone who doesn't specialize in asiatics of you are getting a baby; they are just too different mentally and too easy to mess up.

Sorry I can't be of more help! I grew up in SD and I commonly refer to it as "a parrotless void"

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