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re: The Chronicles of Kevin and Graytown 2.0


As the dust settled in Nigel's office, Nigel flanked by his henchmen the bare eyed cockatoos Ah and Choo, called his undercover operators headed by the African Crows, to make sure any reporters digging further into the matter would be dealt with swiftly and severely. "Let them swim with the fishes."

No more than a minute passed before news came of Judge MACs clipping disaster causing him to fall into the river after a failed attempt at flying off the highest point of the bridge.

A smile crossed Nigel's beak as he whispered, "Tragic, isn't it?"[/QUOTE]

Later that week, Attorney Prasila arrived at her office and while scanning the day's meetings, was surprised to see Mrs MAC's name on her schedule of appointments. She called her assistant for an explanation and was told that Mrs. MAC had called and stated you would be expecting her visit! Prasila was a bit surprised since she had made the Visitations and saw Mrs. MAC then, and recalled she said nothing about a meeting.

Prasila's mind was racing now, what could this Uptown Socialite want of her! Yes, Mrs. MAC was bloodly mad at her husband for that stupid bet he had made with Prasila, any first year attorney should have known better. What could Mrs. MAC want and why tell Prasila's assistant that she would be expecting her!?!?

She considered calling Nigel, but thought better of it - phone taps, she remembered. She elected to inform him after the meeting with Mrs. MAC after all, she was meeting Nigel that afternoon for drinks. However, she did write a note to herself to make it a point to keep Mrs. MAC on subject, whatever it will be, B&G's can be so scatter-mined sometimes.

Prasila had just finished the note when her new partner knocked on her door frame. Julio was a shape young attorney and he was going to make them wealthy with his sharp wit and depth of knowledge with Corporate Law! And, that dapper Double Yellow-Headed Amazon was easy on the her eyes. She smiled and said: What can I do for you, Kind Sir?

He put the morning newspaper on her desk and said: I'm guessing you didn't see this in the paper? Prasila didn't need her glasses, in big bold print across the top of the entire first page: Judge Mac's Widow Finds Crow Feathers at the Site of MAC's Death! In the article; Mrs. MAC states that if the Police do not provide answers and soon, she is going to the State Attorney General's Office and will demand an investigation of her husband's untimely death.

Her Partner stated that she may want to talk to Nigel! Prasila stated that she can't talk to him, after all his phone is likely wire tapped. And, Mrs. MAC is on her schedule today, first thing after Lunch and I haven't a clue what she wants! Hey, I know Julio said, it the first Friday of Lent, Nigel will be at the Fish Place for lunch, I'll stop in and drop the morning's paper on his table with a short note about Mrs. MAC! Prasila agrees and wrote a short safe note and handed it her partner, and set to work on her morning prep. Julio read the note: Hey, just checking that the drinks are still on, having a quick meeting Mrs. MAC requested and I'm open after that! Julio smiled and remembered why he joined this Firm, that old hen knows her stuff!

Just before noon, Prasila called in her assistant and asked her to check Social Media regarding Mrs. MAC and also check her various accounts for anything. Her assistant returned with a smile and stated: Socialites never seem to keep from flapping their wings too much, do they! Prasila smiled, her assistant had yellow high-lighted the important stuff! Well, I guess we know what she is planning to asking us to do for her now! I'm sure Nigel will be picking-up the drink tap this afternoon!

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