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Re: The life and times of Nigel the Great

Prasila's assistant lead Mrs. MAC into the meeting room where Prasila hugged Mrs. MAC and stated that she was so very sorry for her -- at that moment a thud cut her short as the carrier package hit the floor! All three hens looked at each other for a moment. The assistant quickly picked-up the carrier package with a bit of a struggle and set it on the table assuring it sat above the table legs and quickly closed the door as she left the room.

After leading her to a seat at the table away from the carrier package, Prasila asked Mrs. MAC, what is it that I can do for you dear?

30 minutes later after numerous redirects back to the subject at hand, Mrs. MAC let it all out that Judge MAC and her had lived beyond their means and that she was broke. Over the next fifteen minutes, Prasila confirmed to herself why Judge MAC drank so much as she continued to work at keeping Mrs. MAC on subject.

Prasila finally got the full story out including the recent delivery and message from Nigel. Nigel's Message:

My Dear Friend,

I am so very sorry for your loss. Judge MAC will be missed by all! The love you shared for each other was a guide for all of us!

I know that there are several large lines of credit open and due, and that his untimely death will place great stress and hardship on you.

Please accept this small gift to help meet your day to day needs and know that I will take care of those open lines of credit.

I know that Parsila will be of great help to you regarding any loose ends as a result of your husband passing.

Your Friend Nigel....

Presila smiled to herself and knew that Nigel will be sliding the drink tap her way today!

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