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Re: My perspective on my birds lives

I think you're doing the right thing. Listen, it's not for us to worry about YOU. We worry about the safety and wellbeing of the BIRDS. Helping you is helping the birds.

Here's the thing: nobody here disputes you're doing the best you can with your situation. Not for one second. Your heart is obviously in the right place. The problem is that your situation wasn't ideal to begin with; it wasn't good enough. We tried to warn you, and you didn't listen. Animals got hurt as a result, so we start some combination of screaming to get the birds out of a dangerous situation, and throwing our hands up in disgust.

Seriously, if you truly were ready for parrot ownership, your parents opinion on rehoming wouldn't matter. They are YOUR birds, has nothing to do with them. It's harsh, but I really want to say "grow a pair and take responsibility for things you call your own".

I personally believe you may be ready later. But the truth is you are too dependent on others to have something dependent on you right now. Give it ten years and you'll be fully ready. AFTER college, after you have completely moved out. When you are fully independent AND stable with your housing, that will be when you should be ready.

I thank you for doing the brave thing, the right thing in the best interest of the birds, and you are to be applauded. It's not an easy decision to make, and many here can attest to the gut wrenching decision to regime a bird. We do understand what you are going through and it may not seem like it, we do sympathize.

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