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Re: My perspective on my birds lives

I don't want to be cruel, I want to express something to you. The problem is not your age, it is not your parents, etc. it is you.
Not everyone matures at the same rate. You need more time before you are capable emotionally and physically to care for complex creatures like these- and to not constantly have them in danger.
I was 16 when I got my juliet, and I have always cared for her myself- and sacrificed a lot of the last 3-4 years of being a "teenager" for her, because I love her. I'm not saying you need to be me, but for any birds, you are just not in the right place mentally. I understand. Trust me I 100% understand what it's like to have unsupportive parents, be young, be sad and busy and scared! I know all of these things. But what I want you to understand is that you just have a general unwillingness to take true responsibility and put these birds first- and my fear is that this will continue on when you "re adopt" them later... which is... really bad for them emotionally as well.

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