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Re: Help with a cage bound amazon

Quote: Originally Posted by mrchrisbrown View Post
I recently was given a Blue fronted amazon because he scared the previous owner. my understanding of his history is this. He escaped from his home and was flying around wild. he ended up trapped in someones home and was captured. From there he changed hands again to the person i got him from. she kept him in a cage for over a year because she was afraid of him. I have no idea of the time frame all of this happened except for I have had him for about 6 months. in the beginning he was terrified of us. he is getting question is, how can i earn his trust so he can eventually be handled? we leave his cage open when we are home. he rarely leaves the cage. when he does fly somewhere he walks back to the cage immediately.what can i do?
Lets get you a little background to begin working from! See the Threads at the top of the Amazon Forum. Target Reading: Understanding Body Language. Place a chair along side his cage and read that Thread to his out loud. Amazons Love to be read too and you get to understand the basics regarding what he is trying to communicate to you!

From an interaction vantage point, ways start from: It Is NEVER the Fault of the Amazon! Its is ALWAYS the fault of the Human. If you take this view point, you will more quickly understand what you are doing wrong and can make changes.

Your Amazon has tons of reason to not trust Humans and you need to correct that by providing reason for him to trust you. Only good things happen with you are with or around you.

This will get you a starting point for understanding and working with your Amazon.

Thank-you, for taking in this Amazon! If you are willing to put in the time, there is an Amazon in there that will reward that effort. It will take time, but I assure you that it will be worth it!
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