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Re: Problems Hand Feeding Parrotlets

When I first brought him home, I offered him straight warmed pedialyte to try and break up what was lodge in his crop because it was like dough. It broke it up a little, but not enough that I was comfortable with, so I ended up just flushing his crop. I don't like doing that, but I thought it was necessary in his case. I think it was the best choice though, because after I did, gave him more warm pedialyte and let him rest in the brooder for a couple of hours he went from death's door to begging to be fed. Since then, it's been warm pedialyte and acv mixed in with his formula for half feedings every couple hours. He's been emptying pretty well so far, so I am going to try at least a mostly whole feeding for the last feeding for the night and see how he looks in the morning. Then it is either going to be a call or a trip to the vet, depending on how his crop looks.

Also, I plan on asking the vet too, but sometimes fellow breeders are just more knowledgeable about some things, since he is so far behind his siblings in growth now, do you think he'll ever really catch up, or do you think he'll always be stunted? Like I said, he's smaller than his sibling two weeks younger than him. Not that I care, just if he is always going to be stunted, then he'll always stay here. I won't let him go anywhere if he'll always be "special".

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