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Re: Good and Bad News from the Vet

Thanks you two . She's been unwell since I adopted her when she was only 2 or 3 months old. She's definitely a silly little bird. Sometimes she starts screaming in what appears to be a panic, only to do some goofy vocalizations that are akin to laughter, in my opinion. She has a bit of a mischievous side, too, as she'll sometimes go after Ziggy and try to bite his toes.

What's nice is that since I've "released" the kākāriki into the aviary, Alice has been spending quite a bit of time with them, just standing on the perch with them with her eyes closed. She and the kākāriki seem quite calm around each other, so I'm sure she takes at least some comfort in their presence.

I'm going to put a small water dish with dandelion root extract in the cage with her, as she's currently been drinking from an "unmedicated" dish. The dandelion root extract seems to help with cancer, as Ju's had testicular cancer for almost three years now and is still really healthy, and Lara had what the vet believed was a large tumour in her lower abdomen and cancer in her hip. Lara was given a couple months if not weeks to live, but this was last summer, and she's really healthy now. I can't see her tumour anymore, and tumours don't just tend to disappear.

Dr. Morris is a great vet who's only interested in the wellbeing of his patients, and doesn't care about the money (I think we can all agree that $50 for a beak and nail trimming, Ria's examination, and Alice's examination, x-ray, and fluid extraction is amazing). Every time we go there, he lets me get hands on experience, listening to my kiddie's heart, showing me how to hold them to prevent flailing and biting, etc.

Really, I appreciate everyone's kind words. I'm going to do what I can to have her hang on for as long and as happily as possible. Extra grains for the magnesium to help her heart, spinach for the iron to combat the anemia, making sure she drinks water with dandelion root extract to combat the cancer, and turning up the heat to make it easier on her sick little body.
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