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Re: The Alex Foundation

Quote: Originally Posted by Kentuckienne View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Oli View Post
I'm in love with Dr.Pepperberg's research! Her work has inspired me to go to school for animal cognition (I currently do)- which is what she is doing. I'd absolutely love to intern in a lab for her.

What she does is so important. It breaks my heart how much her and the parrots struggle.

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Email her! She wrote about the constant struggles for funding in Alex and Me. Now with the star attraction gone, the situation is even worse. Alex had fifteen years of being an only bird with many people working with him. They can't afford anything like that now. Over 90% of the supporting funds come from the Foundation. I don't see how they keep their spirits up, so do write and tell her what you just wrote. Words like that would lift anyone's heart!

Will do!!

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