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Re: Good and Bad News from the Vet

Sorry I haven't posted an update in a while. Everyone's still alive, so that's good. I've been doing some research on heart disease and water belly, and cranking out the heat like I've been doing (it's at least 80F in the aviary) apparently helps to lower the body's oxygen requirement, thus helping to relieve some of the stress on her heart (not to mention less energy being spent on trying to maintain a body temperature of 114). I also read that increasing the pH of her blood will help her hemoglobin transport oxygen. Improving the oxygen absorption will further help her heart, since, in theory, it won't have to beat as fast. Her poor heart seems like it might be even worse than Charlie's was when he was dying. You wouldn't believe how fast it's been beating. Her colour's still good, so at least her body's getting enough oxygen, but at this rate her heart's going to wear itself out.

Right now, I need to focus on helping her heart maintain strength and elasticity, encourage more effective oxygen transportation, reduce her body's oxygen requirements, and just try to get her heart to slow down. The annoying thing about trying to feed them an alkaline diet is that everything you'd think would be acidic is actually alkaline, and everything you'd think would be alkaline is actually acidic. For example, lemons, tomatoes, and apple cider vinegar are good for raising alkalinity. And for some reason, grains are slightly acidic! How the heck does pH work!? I used to keep fish (they were happy, had quality food, enrichment, live plants, a weekly gravel-vacuuming and water change, kept with compatible tankmates...but then the piscine tuberculosis struck...TB is like psittacosis, PBFD, and AGY mixed all into one terrible fish disease.), so I thought I understood pH. It seems like digestive pH is completely different from "acidic" food that destroys your teeth. So...acidic in the mouth, alkaline in the blood?

I'm also wondering if she doesn't have cancer, but instead has "water belly" like Charlie had. Dr. Morris said that blood came out of her mass, but I'm wondering if it was actually blood proteins being forced out of her liver due to high blood pressure resulting from her heart problems. I'm going to take her in again when Dr. Morris comes back from vacation. If her breathing gets worse, her pain increases, or if her tummy gets more swollen before he returns, I'll take her elsewhere.

I've also decided to quit giving Ria her antibiotics (I'm taking her to see Morris again once he's back). She's been taking antibiotics since March 20, so either we're dealing with an apocalyptic disease, or the stuff just isn't draining from her face. A few days ago I noticed she had dark debris in her left nostril (the same nostril that was infected), so I think she might have rhinoliths or something that need to be removed. In addition, I think she might even need to have the swollen area lanced so the pus can drain. There's no way the sinusitis bacteria survived all that medication. She sneezes/coughs constantly for ten minutes after taking her medicine, so I question whether we're doing more harm than good at this point.
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