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Re: Good and Bad News from the Vet

Oh, I didn't know Angel had passed. I remember you posting about her heart problems, as Charlie had died from heart failure not long before you took Angel to the vet. I'm glad to hear the medicine helped her enjoy her last months. I'll definitely have to talk to the vet about Pimobendan.

Either the avian vets here in Ontario don't have a lot of knowledge or experience, or they have some sort of bias against small birds. I know birds can die of fright, but it seems like every time I bring a budgie to an avian vet (I've seen at least four avian vets), they bring up the fact that they could die from fright, and are really reluctant to do testing (for example, x-rays). I have to convince them to do any "invasive" tests, like crop swabs, cloacal swabs, or x-rays. When Charlie was sick, one of the avian vets I took him to said he was "old" and his body was probably shutting down. She said there was a good chance of him dying of fright if they did an x-ray, and she told me that analyzing the fluid in his abdomen would be a waste of money because he was small, old, and probably just dying.

I don't know, I just feel things would be different if I had big macaws or cockatoos, because then the vets wouldn't just see a small, "fragile", $15 bird. I'd argue that budgies can be even tougher than large, predatory animals like dogs. Dogs are afraid of vacuums, scared of vets, and terrified of thunder. Budgies love vacuums; are nervous about vets, but are more angry with the vet than anything; and sleep through thunderstorms. And when you clip a dog's nails, they flail and yelp. A budgie just swears at you and bites. Afterwards, the budgie will just give you a look as if to say, "What the heck was that about!? Ooh! Spray millet!"
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