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Am I doing something wrong or is that just how he is?

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My green cheek conure, Raku, doesn't seem to care about anything in the world other than sunflower seeds. Rarely he will let me scratch his head or even really interact with me much while I have him out of his cage, but mostly all he does is stare at the cup of sunflower seeds and say his name until i give him one.

If that's just how he is then I don't want to try and force him to do anything. But if that's the result of me doing something wrong or failing to do something for him I'd like to correct it. Also, when he's out of his cage, he wants to be on me pretty much all the time. Occasionally he'll get down and explore some which i try to encourage but for the most part if i try and get him to step off of me and on to a table he resists. If he does do it he immediately wants back on me.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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