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A quick question about Peanut, my Cockatoo

I recently created a detailed thread on my experience with my first time ever cockatoo. In the thread I discussed that I was probably moving too fast letting him out his cage to explore the room he was in and having him go on my bed. This is a cockatoo that was very rarely out of cage due to his previous owner. I decided to take a step back. It's obvious that he trusts me to a certain extent. He allows me to pet him and hand feed him. Sometimes I would sing to him and he would let out this soft low pitch sound, almost as if he was trying to sing too.

Anyway, taking a step back, I decided to have him in the cage being the first week and all. I interact with him by feeding him, talking, singing, and reading to him. When he is in the cage and I start to talk, he grabs to the side of the cage, holding on sideways. He spreads his wings a bit and very lightly flaps them, then starts to scream. This is new behavior that I've seen. Does anyone know what this possibly mean? Also when I read to him and he's sitting on his perch inside the cage, he starts to scream loudly. Perhaps I spoiled him too much at the beginning of the week?

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