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Help ! Any ideas on how to remove wax from feathers !?

Need some safe ideas for removing wax from feathers!
She flew onto the window ledge last night and got some scented wax melt on her beak and feathers under beak.
My partner was quick enough to catch her in a towel a remove it from her beak but there is a patch directly under her beak on breast feathers about half an inch in height and an inch across. Its not thick or clumpy but is red and very visable and probably very annoying for her. Partner checked her and shes not burnt anywere luckily. Stupid me for forgetting melt was on . i feel so guilty. We couldnt do anything else last night because she was obviously stressed about being in towel. But i need to try and remove the wax asap. She seems fine shes not puffed up and shes eating and drinking normally , her poop looks as normal and she seems herself, she had a lucky escape !
But im panicking about how to get the rest off . we havent handled her much as we have only had her a few weeks . she will take food from me and let me scratch her in her cage and has just started to step up on perch to me. I dont want to hurt her or upset her or loose her trust . Its in such an awkward place to remove so any ideas would be amazing !!!! My poor baby
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