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Re: "Why is she screaming?!" Um... XD

Quote: Originally Posted by plumsmum2005 View Post
Ah poor mom. Tread carefully with this situation which probably is more born of fear. Get your mom to know Lucille properly, get to do step ups etc. There is a slim chance that things may improve on their own but take that initiative and go through some trust and bond building with them both. The more your mom is frightened the more Lucille with meet this with confusion and maybe eventually aggression.

Take care with her flying free in a new environment, accidents happen so easily. Good you had a good time though. :-)
Thankfully she and my mom are actually already good buds! I think she was simply surprised by the kind of noise birds can make (both "talking" and the noise of the wings when flying!) My mother has handled my girl several times before (Lucille has been over to my parents' home), but Lucille is such a quiet bird that she'd never heard her making much noise and mom had never seen her fly to me before. It was quite a funny moment, though--everybody laughed about it afterward, including my mom!
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