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Re: So many "firsts" today!

OK, I had a small breakthrough with Kizzy today. For quite awhile now I've been trying to get her to eat soaked pellets with limited success. I tried soaking in water first, then soaking in apple juice. For some reason she doesn't like watery foods. She's said, "No way!" to soaked pellets, applesauce, pear sauce, all wet baby foods and even her hand-feeding formula at room temperature. She has only sampled Lafeber's Avi-cakes and dry cereals made for weaning human babies. When dry, the pelleted diets are too tough for her baby beak.

So I thought, "Why not make crumbles out of the pellets?" I got a napkin, put a Harrison's Power Treat inside and crushed it with a pair of pliers. Kizzy spent quite awhile eating pieces of that Power Treat. BTW, Power Treats taste even better than the normal pellets. Yeah, I'm a bit crazy, but I'd heard Harrison's used quality ingredients, so why not? XD XD XD If she sees me eating them, she'll go with the flow, I hope.
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