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Re: Can an unweaned baby choke on pellets?

Quote: Originally Posted by plumsmum2005 View Post
@ Ladyhawk - I think I would want to run the chicken starter past an CAV for an expert opinion. Some foods can be too rich and be the cause of problems down the line. A breeder would want their babies to grow and be gone ultimately. Have a real good look at the ingredients to be sure you are OK with it.
I would say it's fine due to all the healthy babies he manages to produce, but on second thought, who knows about the long run? I did read the ingredients to make sure it didn't contain antibiotics or anything else that would bad for a parrot in large quantities, but that has been some time ago.
I am about finished with it anyway, but I will give it another look and perhaps talk to a CAV. I want to pick one hand-feeding product, slowly phase out everything else and stick with it, occasionally hand-feeding her even after she's weaned. Why? 1) Warm food is yummy! 2) It will remind her of being babied, which should strengthen our bond 3) I need something in which to hide antibiotics and other medications when needed.

I would give you a spiel about her seeming very healthy, but just before he fell ill, Gabby seemed completely fine, too. The illness seemed to come on very suddenly, but there's a chance he could have been hiding it for some time, too. I'll probably never know for sure. I've always tried to be observant, but...finding the right words for how I feel are difficult.

Thanks for expressing your concerns. I'm running on fumes because I'm trying to raise a well-adjusted, healthy baby and it is both emotionally and physically demanding. I might miss something important.
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