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Re: Can an unweaned baby choke on pellets?

Quote: Originally Posted by plumsmum2005 View Post
FYI ORGANIC BIRD FOOD-Harrison's Bird Foods

Plum I think was given egg food which is very rich and have my suspicions whether this has any input on his medical problems that became apparent years later.

Maybe your CAV can help?

There is never any info about how the breeders babies have done ultimately. When you think about what they are fed in the wild, nothing as rich as we give them.
Yeah, I've wondered about my babies throughout the years. I just happened to run into someone whose mother bought a CAG from me over twenty years ago. I remembered him as a very small boy. Now he's in his mid-to-late twenties working at a local pet supply store. The female CAG from my small aviary was doing very well until the Butte Fire burned down the family home. She started feather-picking after she was uprooted...yet another victim of that horrible fire. I recommended the owner take the grey to see Dr. Brian Speer in Oakley. That's the best place to start troubleshooting the problem. Yes, it had a psychological trigger, but there could be physical issues, too.

I'm trying to get Kizzy to eat Harrison's by modeling it for her. Yes, I've eaten bird pellets. XD The crazy things is they weren't bad. Kizzy has eaten some, too, but not in large amounts. I guess that's good for now.
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