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Re: (Huge) Mealy Amazon male and biting

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Quote: Originally Posted by PL84 View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by SailBoat View Post
At his age, he would be a really big guy at 800g. Commonly, they are near ten years old before you start seeing them that big. Possible, but not as common.

Let's wait until he is a bit more settled and go for a scaled weight!

As you know, the best weight is taken at the same time each time and the most consistent weight is taken after the first moment of the day and before the first meal of the day.
Yep, need to do that to say anything for sure

But my friends cockatoo sit next to him today (they get along just fine too, my Mealy seems to like every bird he sees) and i can say that he is few centimeters taller than that 730gram umbrella cockatoo (crest down of course)
A 'few' centimeters taller? Really. Hmmm, Big Boy for sure!

Mealy's are well known to be the Gentle Giants of the Amazona Family! However, that does not mean that if pushed, they will inflict extensive damage to other Parrots and Humans alike. Like any of the larger Parrots, always pay close attention around 'stupid' Humans and 'pushy' Parrots.
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