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Re: (Huge) Mealy Amazon male and biting

Quote: Originally Posted by Birdman666 View Post
I'd go back to basics with this one. Reinforce the stuff we train every bird.

Basic step up training. Laddering. Basic no bite training.

Sounds like he just hasn't been worked with in a long time, and needs the basics.

Also amazons can be a tad "contrary and opinionated" and use their beaks to express their opinions... they need to be taught to pinch, rather than latch on.

You will ALWAYS have some degree of pinching with a zon. Usually it's pretty mild if they're bonded and well trained. It can get worse when they're hormonal.
We've been slowly learning basics and it's working
2x Congo African Grey (both 8/2016), Mealy Amazon (2/2013), Blue Fronted Amazon (3/1997), 2x Yellow-Crested Cockatoo (2011 & 2012)
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