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Re: (Huge) Mealy Amazon male and biting

I made him his own "birdie potato chips" by peeling thin slices out of potato and then frying them in frying pan without any oil (and ofcourse no salt or anything else added. I know, no stick pans are big nono).. I know potato isn't the best treat for parrots but it's ┼kes favorite and it's easiest to use when training (going to change to something healthier when i get ┼ke to learn the basics and relax a bit more)

Got him to step up many times with those potato chips, of course when i taked video he didn't step up, he more like hopped up but still good

E: Did batch of sweet potato chips too, success! He loves them too, now this is getting really much easier to train him when i have a treats he accepts

2x Congo African Grey (both 8/2016), Mealy Amazon (2/2013), Blue Fronted Amazon (3/1997), 2x Yellow-Crested Cockatoo (2011 & 2012)

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