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Re: Taking Your Parrot Places

I take Ollie out to lunch, to the grocery store, to the dentist and on vacation (he's been to the Washington and Lincoln Memorials recently). Grocery store if it's a big chain no one says anything and with restaurants I always ask 1st. I take him in a Pack'o'bird also but he's potty trained and is often just on a harness. I give him an opportunity to go potty every 15 to 20 mins and we usually don't have an accidental. If we're inside I just pop him on his Pack'o'bird and give him his potty phrase and signal and he will usually go if he has to. If we're outside I just pop him on the edge of a bench or tree branch and he'll go! He's truly wonderful and it's great to take your bird out! Also I should add that's he's rather quiet for a sun conure which makes it easier because people sometimes dont even know he's there.
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