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Question cage bound parakeet

I bought a hand raised parakeet from a breeder almost a year ago and I'm having trouble getting him to leave his cage. When I first got him the breeder told me to regularly take him out using a towel. I did this a couple of times but he was so anxious and scared I was worried I was doing more harm than good and just making him scared of me. I stopped grabbing him out and started trying to gain his trust instead. I would sit by his cage, talk to him, and offer him millet from my hand. Eventually he would step onto my finger to reach the millet. Once on my finger he would let me move him around the cage but would get worried if I started moving him towards the door.

We have a weird relationship where hes bonded to me but hes also bonded to his cage. He learned to talk pretty early on and his favorite thing is when I talk to him. He has no issues with my face, he loves to get close to my mouth when I talk to him, he nibbles my glasses, he falls asleep with his beak resting on my nose while I talk to him, and he lets me give him kisses but as soon as he sees my hand he gets concerned (not terrified but definitely cautious). I am trying to be very careful about how I proceed with this because he is "bonded" to me in this weird way so I don't want to do anything that might cause him to loose that trust in me.

I'm also fairly new to keeping birds and very new to trying to tame them. I had pet shop parakeets before but didn't work with them often. I figured hand raised would be a better option for my first attempt at taming, and I can definitely see the difference.

I just don't know what to do next. When he does come out (usually by accident) all he wants to do is go back to his cage. His wings are clipped but he can still fly pretty well. Any tips or suggestions on how I should handle this?

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