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Re: cage bound parakeet

an untamed bird can have a heart attack. BUT this is so incredibly rare and would require a heart problem to exist and for the owner to pretty much be abusing it. Now the stress could bring out any existing illness as it would with anyone but honestly it's so rare and if you go at their pace there's no stress to worry about.

Biggest things for first few times is any mirrors covered, and curtains/blinds closed to help avoid crashing. Do a walk through of your house with one hand on the wall and check for any dangers, think like you are about to bring a baby home. With one hand on the wall as you go you will do a full circuit of your home and should find everything

already putting his favourite items out is really good thinking. Try not to stare at them during htis time as it's a predator behavior that makes them uneasy, try paying them no mind whilst the door is open, he'll relax a bit and curiosity will take hold. Just remember this will be the longest process of your entire relationship for the next 25+ years so there's no need to rush
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