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lovebird with a plum headed parakeet???

My boss and his wife recently divorced, and somehow I got the birds in the divorce. I have owned almost every animal known to man, but never birds! Here's my question, both birds are about 15 years old, and they don't seem to like one another. They never fight, but the female plum head stays by herself and is very quiet, while the lovebird is always moving around and talking. They are in a cage that is about 4ft tall and 2 ft wide, so they have plenty of room to mind their own business. I'm wondering if the lovebird would be happier with another lovebird, and the plum head would rather be alone. I like them, but the lovebird is a bit messier and louder than I had anticipated. If it would be best to rehome him/her, I will look for someone with a lovebird seeking a buddy. I have read up about both, but there isn't much info about the two as roommates. Any advice is greatly appreciated =)
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