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Re: cage bound parakeet

ok so this morning I talked with him for a bit but he didn't seem very interested in stepping onto my finger so I left the door open and sat on the couch. Almost immediately he was bobbing his head all over looking out the door and not much later he flopped out onto the floor. Unfortunately even with his wings clipped he still flies better than I'm comfortable with. He flew into a couple walls before ending up on the floor. He didn't seem injured so I let him wander around. He spent most of the time on the floor under his cage trying to figure out how to get back in.

So after this experience I'm thinking I should provide a way for him to get back in the cage in his own, otherwise I need to catch him to put him back in. I'm thinking about getting a ladder that will reach from the floor to the cage door, is this a good idea? I figure this way he can come and go as he pleases and I won't have to use my hands or the towel to bring him back to his cage. But I also wonder if would trust my hands more after seeing they'll bring him back to his cage?

I don't think I'll try this again until I get a ladder and get his wings clipped a little more. He doesn't seem traumatized, after I put him back in he still wanted to talk to me and is eating. I just worry about him flying into the walls
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