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Help with chronic bacterial infections


I'm new to the forums and I was hoping someone might be able to help me.

I have a five year old cockatiel named Steve McQueen. Since he was about six months old, he's had a variety of health issues including the following:

1. aspergillosis (had surgery, was nebulized. Filmed for TV)
2. liver problems (changed to pellet diet, still has issues. I'm bad with veggies, though.)
3. crop and stool infections (this year almost every month. We treat and it comes back after a few weeks.)

He eats Harrison's AL fine, avicakes, and gets the following supplements on his food daily: benebac (probiotic), hepatosupport (cleanse liver) and missing link (improve immune system.)

I've made sure to clean his cage bottom daily and vet wrapped any parts of his cage that has metal showing per the vet's suggestion.

He has a toy that is called a 'stuffed finger.' It is made of bamboo and stuffed with crinkly paper. If anyone wants, I can post a picture. He loves this toy and masturbates on it at least once daily. And then he dismounts and chews on it. Could this be causing the bacterial infections? I asked my vet and she didn't seem to know....

Is it safe for a bird to hump a toy and then eat it? Should I remove the toy?

I'm seeing a new vet at a new clinic this Saturday because his infection appears to be back (smelly stools, and lots of air bubbles in the stools aka gas) but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

I hope someone can help me. Being on antibiotics constantly can't be good for his liver or kidneys and I'm worried he'll eventually become resistant to the antibiotics.

Thank you!
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