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My budgies won't go inside of nesting box

Hello bird-lovers !

I'm Mark, based in the UK.

I was wondering if anyone could give me an advice to this. I've got a pair of budgies.
Judging their behaviour they're more than ready to mate. Bobbing their heads, flying around each other, kissing, preening, male feeding the female etc.

Two days ago I attached a nesting box to the cage. I ripped some paper and put it in the box, she has a perch to avoid slayed legs, also she has enough light 'coz I put an artificial lighting in the box. The light isn't too strong. Just enough so she can see clearly inside. The box is a sturdy paperbox. Not a wooden one. Hope that's not a deal breaker for her.

Problem is they've been "studying" the box from the outside but they seem to be scared go inside. What should I do ? Should I stick a signpost on the side saying "Listen, it's completely safe, you can go inside and get comfy. Nobody will bite your head off".

Any ideas ?

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