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Re: My budgies won't go inside of nesting box

How old are they specifically? Are you sure they are not related? I have experience breeding cockatiels but not budgies.

Sometimes when they're relatively young or have never bred/laid eggs/raised young before, they may not know what to do. The budgie experts may chime in here, but I use a wooden box, it's sturdy. I don't put light in the box at all, they have one outside the box. It does lift to open from the top so I can peer inside. It sits right inside their breeding cage.

Two days is not very long, especially if they've never done it before. I'm not familiar with the paper box you mentioned. Were you prepared to take care of the babies should a problem arise? It's a question I always ask people who want to breed their birds.

A responsible breeder will have a brooder, syringes and formula on hand and ready to intervene and pull a baby should the parents stop feeding the chicks. Are you prepared for this? You never mentioned your work schedule, if you do work, but baby parrots need around the clock feedings if their parents will not do this. Are you prepared to do this, should the chicks need your help?

Breeding parrots of any species is no easy task. There's heartbreak and frustration all around, and so much can go wrong. Why not just let the two live happily in love without babies?
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