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Re: should I let my conure sit on my shoulder?

I'm going to start with the most worrying thing. DON'T TAKE HER OUTSIDE UNSECURED! Yes she is clipped but unless someone has butchered her wings so she can't use them at all she can still fly in the outside air. There's actually more clipped birds lost each year than flighted birds. It takes just one thing to spook her and she's gone. If you want to take her out either get her harness trained or get a carry cage for her.

dominance in birds is complete nonsense. It's a psychological behavior of Pack animals such as wolves, but many parrot people are still stuck in 1974 in regards to parrot psychology. /it's purely they feel safe being high up. My conure would sit happily 10 feet above me in my home and he would come to me the second I asked him to as he knew either a treat or a cuddle was coming.

However sitting on your shoulder is something they should earn through mutual trust. you need to know that she will step-up and not bite on your shoulder.

Bite training is something to teach her right now, essentially any time her beak pressure gets harder than a light pinch you tell her "no" in a stern voice and put her on the floor (I recommend not using the cage for a time-out, they can learn to bite if they want to go back in the cage) then ignore her for a minute or 2. Me and other users have found that method to work incredibly well at calming them down as it's similar to how their flock would treat them in the wild when they learn their beak strength.
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