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Re: breeder to home travel time

Quote: Originally Posted by plumsmum2005 View Post
Can you drive/have a vehicle?

If so you would need a carrier with a perch and I also put a fleece doggy blanket on the bottom as absorbs falls. I have a little doggy cage, cheap as chips, well lots of chips actually.

The bird would be going four hours one way, you on the other hand would be doing eight hours two ways.

Take a friend and share the driving?

Where is the breeder located/County?

Research the courier though.
yeah I have my own car, MOT due next week and I know I need to get some bits done to it (minor stuff) so that's a main drain on finances hence the wait. I was going to find a proper travel cage, be it either way for any vet visits and what-not so no issue there either along with a blanket.

the breeder is in south wales, I'm just to the west of London

My plan for the driving would be to do the collecting over a weekend, so diving up on a saturday, spending some time with the bird (I hope to go an meet the clutch a few times beforehand to pick one out as this breeder lets people visit) then staying overnight in a hotel followed by the drive back the next day after some morning food. I would share the drive but my main friend I'd take doesn't have a license. Definitely would be the longest drive I'd had though. I'm going to birmingham in a couple weeks so that should give me the taste I need for long distance. I'm waiting on them to message back so fingers crossed I get some good news. They sound like a pretty good breeder so I'm starting to get a lil bit excited. If it wasn't for money I'd be asking to visit the current clutch this weekend haha
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