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Re: Dumb things

Quote: Originally Posted by Tami2 View Post
When I first got Levi (last Aug) I was giving him organic fresh fruits & vegetables everyday. In addition to pellets and a grey seed mix. My CAV told me to stop with the fruit. That it was too much sugar & his gram stain reflected that as well. I felt bad but, pulled back the fruit & only give it occasionally as a treat. Every gram stain since has been WNLs. She told that the increased sugar builds up bacteria in their gut and can lead to health issues. I was so surprised. I always see videos of parrots/birds eating fruit all the time. I recently watched a video about the Pak-O-Bird and the woman was offering her bird a life savor.
wait what? All I ever hear is to feed more fruit and veg. Maybe less high-sugar fruits I guess. Rio would have been awful, his treat food was raisins... So much sugar
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