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Re: Alexandrine free flight

Hello and welcome!

If he's not coming back to you when he's outside and going to a tree, he needs to be retrained and you need to stop taking him outside. Keep in inside and continue to work on flight recall (putting him on his cage or a stand and standing across the room and calling him to you, rewarding with a treat). Work with him until he responds every time and will fly to you inside, and only continue the training outside when he comes to you every time inside. Sounds like with the biting he is trying to test his boundaries and you need to re-set these boundaries for him, you are in charge, not him. If he does not come when called, he should lose his outside free flight privileges.

Also it would be wise to invest in a cage with better locks or find a way to lock it so he can't open it (I used a hair-tie fashioned to the door to keep my cockatiels from opening their other cage, worked great).
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