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Re: Alexandrine free flight

Quote: Originally Posted by LordTriggs View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Nuzaikm View Post
Thanks for the advice. But sometimes he comes to my hand in one single call. Sometimes he stays still like he didnt hear me. The problem is sometimes he behave well and sometimes he wont.
he needs to be 100% before you let him out, he needs to be trustworthy which he isn't right now

Although I do have to question why you're free-flight training him? It's an unnecessary risk as far as I'm concerned, they can go outside on a harness easily with almost 0 danger but without a harness there's nothing you can do if it all goes wrong. Even when trained up after years they can just take off. Look at Birdman's post about maggie in the lost and found section

Excellent points made here. Your bird has proven that is not trustworthy enough to come back when called, and this puts it at huge risk to take off and never return. A harness will give you back that control and siginifcantly lowers the risk of birds being lost by flying off, getting lost, or spooked by something suddenly. Hope you reconsider taking your Alexnadrine outside without it properly trained. (when its not coming back to you when called, it is NOT properly trained).
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