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Re: So, you want to get a parrot for the first time?

No truer words have ever been written Von. Thank you! It breaks my heart when I go on Craigslist looking around the pet section (I know, I know, it's a habit). It seems like there are parrot or bird listings for sale or re-homing they call it yeah right within ever 5 listings. It's always We are moving and can't take the bird with us, I think yeah, this tells me their bird is unsocialized and probably a screamer so they are moving to get away from their bird hahahahaha! My other favorite line is I don't have the time to devote to him ( a macaw, cockatoo or amazon) that can live 50-70 years, but just then had that revelation Duhhhhhhhh.

I wish parrot selling and ownership was more regulated (I aint believing I said that) I hate big government, but sometimes you have to lookout for those things that can't lookout for themselves.
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