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Re: Ducorp Cockatoo

I'll start off with 2 questions myself.

1. Have you ever hand-fed a cockatoo before?
2. What country are you located?

If the answer to question 1 is "no" then get back to the breeder and make them wean her properly.

Honestly do not believe any nonsense that a breeder will try to give you. Weaning a bird doesn't make them bond better it is purely so that breeder can get a little extra cash in their wallet.

I would be more comfortable performing surgery than hand-feeding a bird personally because there are so many factors which can kill them, too many for me to list here and if any of those crop up and kill the bird that breeder will at the very most offer you a "generous discount" off another bird.

the only way people can make breeder change their ideas is if you become more stubborn than them over these things
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