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Re: Microchipping; yay or nay?

I'm a lurker (usually) and don't post, just like to read about parrots. I just wanted to comment that all of my parrots are microchipped, except my smallest two (lovebirds). My oldest, a BF Amazon, 20 years old, was microchipped at my vet, wrapped in a towel, without sedation. She was MAD but not that traumatized at all, beyond what she already was because of routine blood draw and exam. It was quick and easy. My Congo Grey was microchipped just after I got him, as a baby on his first well-bird visit. My vet didn't want to do him so young, but I felt it was necessary, so he complied. As you know, Greys are extremely more sensitive than most Amazons, and he has remembered that event for all his life (almost six years now) and growls when we go to that particular vet office (not at others, interestingly). He probably should of been sedated for the procedure, but he survived and recovered his dignity. My Rosebreasted cockatoo is a total drama queen on a good day, so he was already screaming and flailing around during his restraint for routine blood draw and never noticed the microchip implantation. All three parrots recovered from the procedure with no ill effects and I sleep better at night knowing I can without-a-doubt prove that MY BF Amazon, Grey, and RB Cockatoo are actually MY birds and not just someone's similar-looking parrots. Bands can be removed but chips, not so easily. Totally worth the temporary discomfort to the bird, quickly forgotten and forgiven.
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