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Re: Is my GCC overeating? Iím scared he might get obese

Actually I have a nice diet that HAS seeds but has lots of colorful nutritional pellets. I notice when thereís lots of seed shells so I usually get rid of them and fill it up. Although he spends time next to his food bowl, this little dude is ACTIVE. He is jumping all over his cage all the time. He likes climbing to the top play area of his cage and he has lots of toys to play with. It is not a seed only diet but I do just pour food and he sits around his food bowl for about 10-20 minutes before he goes back to playing. His food (which I got from the breeder who breeds MANY birds that said this food was perfect for GCC) has little fruit and veggie pieces that he also LOVES. This extra information may help for any answers or advice you may give me
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