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Re: Sailboat: CITES and amazons?

Quote: Originally Posted by LordTriggs View Post
really I think most state guards would look at a singular bird in the care and go "yeah that's a pet" and be less inclined to think anything funny is going on. It would be in/out the country where issues would be likely to arise. Saying that being a new update to a law they may get some fresh documentation so they may be a bit hotter on it but as long as you can prove they're born before the changes then it shouldn't be any real problem

At present, when traveling within the Continental USA, with the exception of a few States that have restrictions on specific Parrots, the only requirement is a 'current' Healthy Bird Certificate which acts as a statement of ownership and the health status of the bird.

Normally, ownership is the only issue with most States as part of any travel except 'Air Transport,' which requires a Healthy Bird Certificate.

If you are planning to Travel the Highways and Byways of the USA with your Bird. It will be very important to keep a close eye on any State(s) that have 'Avian Flu' Hot Spots as they will likely set Boarder Check Points and halt travel or greatly limit travel with Birds in and out of their State. The same maybe true for those States that boarder such a State.
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