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Re: Sailboat: CITES and amazons?

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My question is, what would the Feds do with amazons who don't have proper documentation. I mean, they'll probably seize them, but then what? Amazons affected by CITES are endangered, and the whole idea behind these new regulations is to make sure these endangered species aren't being taken from the wild. But what are they going to do with hundreds of seized, ENDANGERED birds? You sure as heck can't release them back into the wild.
If it's anything like what they do with other "illegal" animals, unless it's a spix macaw or something who's species is literally on the verge of extinction, if a licensed facility cannot be found to take the seized animals, they will most likely simply be destroyed. Facilities aren't going to be fighting over or wanting to take on large numbers of common birds confiscated from loving owners who failed to have proper documentation (or even ones illegally imported) who are classified as "Least Concern" or "Venerable". And no doubt the feds won't allow them to be sold or adopted out to anyone who's unlicensed (and I'm sure getting a license would be next to impossible unless it's a huge, professionally run facility). The thing to remember about the bureaucrats putting into place all these restrictions is that they don't love or care about endangered animals, they love regulations, power and control (oh, and the $$$ they'll get from fines!).
Currently, North American (Canada, Mexico and the USA) are reluctantly proceeding with the majority of requirements of CITIES. Our good Friends who are under the guides of the European Union (EU) are being affect at much greater levels of Government oversight. With current 'anti-regulation' approach in the USA Capital, other than the basic hatch documenting of CITIES classified group I and II as of January 2017. And, our Certified Avian Vets (CAV's) being proactive and getting those hatch documents copied and part of the Parrot's health documents. I really do not see it going much beyond that in the next seven years or so.
Like with the pit bull ban in Ontario. I'm fine with criminalizing the breeding of pit bulls (plenty of pit bulls are kept by humans who love them, but far more poor people, uneducated people, or criminals keep pit bulls). That way, there aren't thousands of unwanted, abused pit bulls. However, if pit bulls, even puppies, are found, they're killed because they're "dangerous". To keep certain breeds and species, you should need to have a license or background check done. But these animals shouldn't be treated as contraband. Like the poor Chattham pit bulls. Luckily, after more than TWO years, they were transported from Ontario to Florida for rehabilitation.

Now before anyone claims I'm being biased, if the majority of people who kept budgies were poor, uneducated, or were using them in **** fights, then I'd want it to be illegal to breed these birds and I'd want people to have to have a license or something to keep budgies. Dang it, I said rooster fights! But with cockroach, instead of rooster.

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