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Re: Choosing the right parrot

Blue and gold vs umbrella cockatoo? Blue and gold hands down. Cockatoos are just so sensitive, and Iíve heard (and agree frankly) that umbrellas and Moluccan never should have beeen brought into the pet trade.

Coulda shoulda woulda.

Also, personal bias (NOT routed in fact exactly) - I donít trust cockatoos for the reason you cite. I view them as unpredictable, and can turn on you. They are just so sensitive

Blue and gold vs U2 for someone who has never owned anything more complicated Han a cockatiel? Blue and gold all the way. They are much more docile and easier to handle. They can absolutely be mushy love bugs. Especially for their person. The challenge with macaws is that they can easily become one person birds - they will choose a favorite and can be aggressive to everyone else. This can generally be overcome with socialization (get the bird out and about meeting new people and things).

Your perception of blue and golds is very inaccurate. Remember a video is only one snapshot. Macaws in general are very active animals, though individuals will vary. Maybe not as energizer bunny as U2, but still active.

U2s are also non stop with their activity. You may get over it quickly. It look fun but imagine that 24/7 when youíre trying to accomplish things. So you put him away in his cage, and he starts screaming for hours. THAT is reality.

You wanna see perch potato? Check out male eclectus!

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