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Re: Choosing the right parrot

Have you thought about how much these guys cost? Take a look at this thread recently started, the cost of owning parrots.

You mentioned you do not work and have a child. Not sure if you have a spouse that works that you didn't mention but you will spend thousands of dollars in the first year alone on a blue and gold or cockatoo. If a hand-fed baby, along with cage, toys, food, you'll likely spend around $5000 on start-up costs and then around $300 a month after that just on toys and food (for the next 40+ years), not to mention vet care which can be several hundred dollars a visit. Just something to think about, as I know the idea of getting a large species can sometimes overweigh the logistics of owning such a magnificent creature.

Both species you've mentioned have the capacity to be loving, affectionate, family pets. However, they are widely different.

Macaws like the blue and gold are very active, mischievous, constantly need to be chewing something (again, that toy fund each month will be around $300 if you get a chewer!) and will test your boundaries. Not to mention they have ear-piercing 747 jet screams heard for miles.

Cockatoos are pretty neurotic -- meaning they are pretty dang sensitive when it comes to being ignored or not being picked up right or talked to in a certain way and can be extremely moody. They do generally like cuddling more than macaws, but they have temper-tantrums, can scream just as loud as a macaw and often develop behavior problems when their owners don't give them their full attention and can lash out.

Big birds like that.... you have to work with them. Some days they will be moody and don't want to be handled, others they will gladly step up and cuddle under your chin.
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