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Re: Help!

Quote: Originally Posted by MonicaMc View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Well then! Can you please expand my signature pics and take a look at Gonzo? I've always assumed he is a BFA, but perhaps a variant?
Gonzo is, without a doubt, a blue fronted amazon. Blue fronted amazons have black beaks with varying amounts of blue or yellow to the head. Some blue fronts may have minimal or no yellow where-as others may have minimal to no blue. Blue fronts without blue are probably more common than blue fronts without yellow... as odd as that may sound.

Orange wings on the other hand should always have blue and yellow heads and a two-toned beak. They are also smaller than blue fronts.

Here's a picture of a blue front and an orange wing - although the website says they are both blue fronts....

This site has both species labeled correctly

Or a great shot of just an orange wing amazon's head
Thanks so much, Monica! Subtle but important differences. Would be nice to respect the variations and carefully breed.
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