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Re: Thoughts on Molt, Possible Skin issue?

I apologize for the that oversight, the gauge also has a temperature sensor, which falls between 60-70F depending on heater activity. It is an analog sensor and so is not very precise; it is placed on the wall behind his cage.

We have been doing 1-2 daily mistings, which he is not crazy about but will tolerate (especially if it involves a treat); I think he is just wary of the abrupt mist and sound. He is pretty good with using his water dish to bathe himself, usually as soon as I start cleaning the tray for some reason.
I also recently received over-the-phone advice from a different avian vet whom suggested targeting affected areas with the mister to help rehydrate, so we have also been trying that.

Permanent solution for humidity is a steam vaporizer I have ordered for the room. Unfortunately, do not have the means to humidify the entire house, but his room should be taken care of once I have the vaporizer.

I am aware of the degradation in sharing digital photos on the internet, however the photos attached were more to show the scope of feather loss more so than the look of his skin. The condition of his skin will be the subject of our vet visit.

Thanks for your advice.
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