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Question What's The Best Strategy To Manage Males And Females Without Breeding?

Dexter has been making advances towards Bella.
This has previously consisted of him chasing her and her getting angry and confused, she'd growl at him and say "What cha doin?!"

But last night she seemed to enjoy the attention and seemed to be playing kiss-chase with him.
He'd fly over to her and announce "Dexter" while doing his open wing shrug.
She'd reply "Hi ya" "Bellaaaaa"
They'd have some beak contact
She'd chatter away to him saying "Look!" "D'ya want some yummy?" "Mmmmmm delicious!" "Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy"
They were chasing eachother around - flying from room to room and repeating their little conversions.

It was very cute and funny, but it makes me wonder if I should be letting them be flirty...
Bella is not quite 'of age' yet, but when she is, what's the best strategy?
  • Should I be not letting them out together?
  • Or am I just to intervene when they are attempting to be 'physical'?
  • Or do I let them mate and not worry about Bella laying eggs (she has nowhere they can go other than through the bottom of the cage grill.)
  • Or should I give her a nesting spot and switch her eggs out for fakes?

I was wondering how people usually manage having multiple parrots that... erm... 'get along' but don't wish to breed them. Please advise!
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