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Re: need help, guidance for my girl Kali

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It is a very hard situation. I agree with the thought that Kali is the scapegoat for other issues going on which your wife may not be able to understand the underlying issues, or potentially using her problems as an excuse to get her own way. If possible I would suggest trying to get her to see a therapist, though it would have to be an extremely tactile conversation.

Outside of that it's making you clearly distressed which is not fair at all. I would sit down with her before a final decision is made and properly talk about it, explain how it's making you feel, try to convince her to at least try to be friends with Kali but she has to try. Hard with depression I am very much aware but ultimately what has your wife got to lose in that situation? 1ML of blood maybe? But even then she can say she did truly try with Kali. Try coaching your wife through it? Maybe having you there on hand explaining the whole situation with a bird like a Grey and how they don't obey commands could work. Or even if you can train Kali not to scream as much when you're out of the house. If it's the occasional noise your wife will have to put up with it, it's not like she wasn't aware birds made noise. Kind of what they're known for.

If not there are always options if it does come down to adoption outside of the people you currently know of. Be it finding someone through a rescue or I'm sure even someone here would be happy to adopt her if needed. Even if only temporarily until your wife has worked through her issues
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