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Re: need help, guidance for my girl Kali

I've only had Bella for a little over a year and care about her a lot, she pure, innocent and gives true love! Can't imagine how I'd feel about her in another 6 years from now.
Up until 1 month ago Bella was only bonded to me and would jump to the other side of her cage if my grandmother (who lives with us) approaches or she would turn her head away and not face her, she absolutely could not stand her.
It took along time but now after 1 year she gives my grandmother kiss's on cue and try's to fly to her on cue also (but my grandmother chickens out and lowers her arm at the last second haha) So I know for a fact it's possible for your wife and bird to have a better relationship.
I would obviously choose my family first as would most people but I would try my very best to make it work first, only you know how far you can push this without crossing line.
You have been trying for 4 years but the results speak for themself so a different approach is needed.
Kentuckiene post seem's to make the most sense to me as she was/is in a similar situation, personally I would work on the stuff she mentioned.
Goodluck hope it works out in the end!

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