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Re: Howdy y’all.

Welcome, and thanks for a thorough and interesting introduction! So glad you saved the neighboring cockatiel; setting free is an awful method of "re-homing" a captive bird.

Chip sounds like a terrific companion, and has helped whet your curiosity for a larger parrot. Because of Chip's size differential from a cockatoo or macaw, their contact ought always be supervised for safety. While Chip may or may not be immediately accepting, he should always be kept a safe distance. The two species you specify are night-and-day different! I'd suggest reading from the cockatoo and macaw forums to help discern the differences. If you have access to a shelter/rescue or even pet shop, spending time will help you decide. A lot will depend on your desires and expectations!

I've had Great Danes literally for decades and have never had one act aggressively towards a bird. Hopefully you'll have similar experience, but do use caution!!
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